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The Language School of choice in Brazil
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Your Language School

Founded 30 years ago to address major communication and foreign language needs of Brazilian speakers, Brasiliana de Idiomas provides a wide array of services as language teaching, tests for employee recruitment and promotion and technical and commercial translations to domestic and foreign companies in Brazil.

Real communication from the very beginning.
All our foreign language teaching methods are based on the assumption that communication is the very process through which a new language is acquired and not merely the result of language study.

All materials have been designed to function in real-life situations, through authentic English or Spanish that encourages natural conversation both in and outside the classroom and to give learners a feeling of achievement as they learn the language. Audio CDs, DVDs, take-home recorded materials, interactive activities, free activity worksheets, grammar boosters and discussion builders ensure success for all learners in key social, business and professional communication. Students will develop oral and written communication skills in a very short time.

Teaching Staff
All Brasiliana de Idiomas teachers and instructors have been formally qualified as teachers in accredited schools and have undergone training on foreign language teaching to Brazilian and foreign students.   An adequate use of successful state-of-the-art methodology and highly competent and motivated teachers are the key to our efficiency.

Special Courses
  • customized immersion and semi-immersion courses for specific purposes, as professional market placement, business and technical communication proficiency, etc.;
  • courses of Portuguese as a Foreign Language with the same objectives, which merges various methods;
  • business writing courses for bilingual secretaries (Portuguese, English and Spanish);
  • business translation courses for bilingual secretaries;
  • language tutoring for high school students.

Other Services

  • translation and interpretation tasks;
  • video transcription (Portuguese, English and Spanish)
  • video captioning;
  • language proficiency tests for employee recruitment, selection and promotion, with a complementing oral interview and report on the individual performance of each candidate.

Class Location
In-house - in-company – at Brasiliana de Idiomas.

Class Hours
Mondays thru Fridays, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Brasiliana de Idiomas is conveniently located and offers parking facilities at a discount.

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